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Molok Containers


Flandscape is a proud Certified Installer of Molok Containers. Contact us below or visit Molok's Website (molokna.com) for more information!


The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is the original semi-underground waste container system. It was created and developed by Veikko Salli in the 1980's in Finland. Since that time, Molok® containers have spread across the globe and are now in over 40 countries worldwide.



Molok Containers - Certified Installer

Molok® Deep Collection™ is the original semi-underground waste solution!

a group of molok garbage disposal containers in london ontario


Molok® containers are availale in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Contact Us below for more information!








The Molok® CityScape™ is a functional solution for small areas, designed to suit modern, urban environments.


The materials, dimensions and construction have been developed to meet the highest standards of urban planning, landscaping and other outdoor furnishing requirements. It is an ideal solution for urban waste collection.

The sleek, elliptical, semi-underground design occupies less space on site. It features a hinged lid with an opening on either side. The side openings can easily be used by pedestrians, while the lid can be fully opened for other users, such as residents, businesses or city staff.


These units can be paired to collect waste and recyclables. CityScape™ is perfect for: City Areas, Streets, Boulevards, Parks, Golf Courses


  • Capacity: 500 litres / 0.7 yd3
  • Waste Streams: mixed waste, mixed recyclables
  • Openings on both sides
  • Locked emptying lid


The M-Grease™ is a specially designed Molok® container for the collection of commercial volumes of used cooking oil.


Molok® containers can be used to collect used cooking oil from restaurants, kitchens or anywhere else grease collection is needed.


The M-Grease™ container for strained, used cooking oil combines the aesthetics and cost savings of the Molok® Deep Collection™ system with a highly efficient grease liquefying system. Underground storage of 800-litres provides ample capacity without concern for overflow, keeping grease cool until ready to be pumped.


  • Capacity: 800 litres / 1.0 yd3
  • Waste Stream: cooking oil only
  • 120 volt AC electrical supply required

Organic Collection

Molok® containers can be used to collect organic waste at restaurants, multi-residential units or anywhere else organics collection is needed.


Using the hard-sided lifting container, the M-1300 can be converted to collect organic waste.

It is a hygienic and efficient method that uses a large compostable paper liner to keep the unit clean.

A liquid reservoir at the bottom of the lifting container separates fluids and is emptied at the same time.


Users of Molok® for organics will find it much more convenient because they no longer will have to store a cart or bin: organic waste can be taken to the Molok® container 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Collection staff will also appreciate the quick and easy emptying method of the Molok® system, which is much safer and cleaner than other systems.



Capacity: 750 litres, plus 50 litres in liquid reservoir

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