Commercial Property Maintenance -Summer/Winter Combined

Flandscape offers full service, Commercial Summer & Winter Maintenance services in London, Ontario. From sidewalk, and parking lot clearing to Spring/Summer grass cutting and cleaning, we are here to help!

Summer Maintenance

When it comes to the transition from winter to spring, one of the leading focus points will always be the grass. There are little things that accumulate over the colder seasons and can make your spring season more challenging than it needs to be for your business.

Taking care of your commercial exterior, especially in between these two seasons, can be extremely difficult. That's why we offer a complete Summer/Winter Maintenance package.

We offer full landscaping services and can ensure that you’re on the schedule long before the temperatures rise. Whether it’s lawn maintenance that you need, snow removal for the last few storms of the year, or any services of the sort, we’re there to help. Reach out to our team today and get your spring cleaning project taken care of now.

Commercial Sanding Trucks

We have in-house commercial sanding trucks to sand after every plow when parking lots are not down to bare pavement. Sanding trucks are a must for safe walking and driving conditions in our winter months.

Anti-icing and Salt, Ice Control Applications

The notorious freeze-thaw conditions of London weather causes a lot of ice. We have state of the art equipment combined with high trained personal to give our customers the best ice control solutions at competitive prices. Salt is used during milder temperatures.

Full-Service Site Management

Sites are monitored for the duration of the contract on a daily or weekly interval depending on the weather. This service is included in all contractors at no additional charge. Many Commercial snow contractors do not offer this free service.