We all love trees

But when they risk life and property damage they need to be trimmed or removed. There are many reasons for needing trees to be trimmed or removed such as growing near houses or buildings, damage by storms, poor location and species selection, new construction development, growing near hydro/cable service lines, dead or diseased, low branches interfering over walkways or parking lots just to name a few.

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The maintenance of growing and mature trees is vital to the longevity of the tree. As trees grow they will have “deadwood’ develop in them creating a potential hazard to property and people. By thinning out a tree of unnecessary branches, thick centers and shaping the tree it will allow air to circulate throughout the tree creating a healthier tree as well as making the tree more visually appealing. When climbing a tree that is being thinned out or trimmed our climbers employ the appropriate methods so no further damage is caused (spurless climbing)

We use the latest advanced techniques

To remove trees safely and professionally without causing damage to property. Tree work is extremely hazardous and should only be done by professionals. We can remove trees located anywhere on your property but specialize in removing trees that are located in tight areas and backyards that can only be accessed and removed by climbing and piecing the tree down using ropes and advanced rigging methods.

Our climbers are certified Utility Arborists who have successfully completed a four year apprenticeship and are certified in safely climbing and removing trees in a controlled manner.

Once a tree has been trimmed or removed there are a lot of branches, wood and saw dust that will need to be cleaned up. We will remove the branches and wood from the work location, then rake the area clean of the smaller debris and finish by power blowing the property this leaving it looking great.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed there is a stump. The stump can be unsightly and create an unusable area. The stump can be removed by stump grinding or dug out entirely with one of our excavators. We have a variety of sizes that no job is too big or too small.

For piece of mind we are fully insured and certified. For a free, no obligation quote please do not hesitate to contact us and a friendly representative will come out and discuses your needs and provide you with options.

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